Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Night I Drove a Call Girl to Her Next Stop

I am writing because I can’t tell this story to anyone I know and retain my dignity, but since your soliciting I figured I can get it off my chest.

I’m twenty-something. I’m attractive and ambitious. I am successful with a good paying job, a nice car. I date a wonderful woman that keeps me interested and turned on despite the fact that we have been involved for quite a long time.

With that being said I find the idea of paying for sexual acts to be erotic. I can’t put my finger on what about it turns me on, but there is something that does it for me. It’s extremely rare for me to act on my urges though, really because I can think of better way to spend my money. Getting laid has never been a problem for me, which may be a contributing factor to my lack of ambition.

The first time was in Canada, Niagara Falls to be exact. I was 19 and it was amazing, although consisted of nothing more than a massage with a happy ending. It seems that this is all I really look for in a visit. The thought of actually sticking my dick into a prostitute does nothing for me. Furthermore, kissing, going down on or all in all a whole lot of contact in general with a working girl is a turn off. My problem is I think of some disgusting toothless smelly trucker doing the same thing prior to my arrival and I’m disgusted.

This night in particular I was driving home from a job out of town. I was exhausted, I had not been laid in a number of days due to opposing schedules and her little monthly visit, and while driving on the interstate I had started cruising the craigslist erotic services section.

After getting close to town I made the call, spoke with a girl that looked attractive and offered reasonably priced services, and headed to the gas station near her hotel.

Getting back in touch with her was a pain in the ass, but she finally directed me to a room in a small seedy motel and I headed over. As soon as I got out of my car I smelled something vile, which set the tone for the night.

As normal my stomach was in knots as I walked up to the door. When it opened I had to look twice. This blonde haired troll is not what was in the pictures. If it was, she had an amazing photographer or was very handy with photoshop.

Push came to shove and before I knew it I was naked on the bed. She was doing her thing and I was standing at attention, but it all went downhill. The final straw was when she started beating my balls hard enough to make them hurt on the down stroke.

Finally I threw in the towel and told her I was done. It was frustrating and embarrassing to say the least. While I was getting my shit together she mentioned needing a ride to another town about an hour away. She was not fishing for a ride by any means, simply telling the story of how she ended up in this room on this night. I figured she already had my money, I minus well get an adventure out of the night even if it was a bit less sexual in nature than originally intended.

I spent an hour talking to a girl my age that followed a completely different path. She was broke, she had a daughter to a guy that took care of her most of the time, she had no license, no car, no real job to speak of, no manners, and no class. To top it off she talked with this ghetto accent that screamed white trash with an identity crisis.

Despite all of this, she had just traveled across the country by greyhound bus for the hell of it, fucking for her bus tickets and hotel rooms. She had ‘run’ 6 girls at one time scheduling all of them and reaping the benefits. She gave me a new outlook on a whole bunch of things and even offered me a job being a body guard/driver for a couple of girls.

By the time we got to another seedy motel I had learned a lot about her, and something about myself.

She gave me a card and told me to call her some time. For the first time of the evening she shot me a look out of the corner of her eye and she actually looked cute.

I never did call her, and I can’t remember her name. One thing I will never forget is the night I drove a call girl to her next stop.

This is mediocre writing but it’s been a long day and my vocabulary went out the window about an hour ago. If you want to publish this, feel free but please don’t attach my email address.

Keep up the great work and Happy New Year.